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et's start with cases of outright harassment: uk,I have had a senior member of staff follow me home from the office. I've also been sent offensive and inappropriate text messages (e.g. what a colleague wanted to do to me, of a sexual nature). And then there were the uncomfortable levels of physical contact. You would assume that there is a simple fix to these issues: report it to HR. But at the time, this did not feel like an option. My co-workers told me that a complaint would reflect badly on me. I'd be seen as a troublemaker, or someone who was overly sensitive or couldn't take a joke. And besides, in some cases the man in question was very senior and important: at the end of the day, if it was between him and me, it would be easier to find an excuse to subtly remove me. It got worse and I ended up telling a manager about instances related to one man, but little action was taken to reprimand him. I ended up taking a role on a construction site, to be away from the office (away from him) - which later backfired in my progress and pay review. My assessor noticed my absence from the office but did not understand what I was doing in that time (or why I didn't want to be in the office), nor was he willing to let my supervisor on site to undertake the review. Then there are more subtle barriers to progression. On one occasion, I grew frustrated with the type of work I was being asked uk,to do by a colleague. I tried to explain to him what my previous experience was, and how I could contribute more to the team by engaging some of these skills. When nothing changed, I revised my approach and explained that I felt like I was working as his secretary -writing up meeting minutes, sifting through lengthy documents and summarising key points for him to take forward in discussions with others (without me). I don't expect all my tasks to be glamorous or exciting, but doing the work I was doing as a professionally qualified engineer whilst he presented work and took on the technical aspects and credit was, in my opinion, not giving me a fair opportunity to prove myself and advance. On sitting down with him to tactfully say so, his response was, "I think that you're just being too sensitive about this."