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than in those of the president. Trump is far less dependent on big givers than any of his predecessors, Republican or Democrat, both because of his own wealth and the ad hoc manner with which he conducted his campaign, which was more like a concert tour than a sophisticated 21st century political operation. At the heart of Trump’s mindset is his profound antagonism to the Washington establishment on just about any issue. His instincts can often get him into trouble, but on the Middle East, they have steered him in the right direction. His refusal to listen to the usual suspects directing U.S. strategy on the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the conventional wisdom they spout, stems from a belief that it is vital that the U.S. avoid repeating the mistakes made by Clinton, Bush and Obama. Recognizing reality about Jerusalem and putting more pressure on the Palestinians, rather than Israel, may make no sense to the establishment. But it makes sense to most conservatives and to Trump, and he didn’t have to bribed with donations or votes to lead him to that conclusion.